Reflection: It's Time to Make Things Better -

For years 110mb.com has provided hundreds of thousands of users with a free web hosting account. As our service grew in popularity and technologies updated around us we found ourselves in a tough and challenging spot.

Throughout time we began experiencing hardware issues and as a free host had very limited funding to build 110mb in the service that we visioned in. Day-in and day-out we have been burdened by the fact that we have not been able to provide our users with high quality free web hosting. Furthermore, saddened that we allowed the once booming community to slowly drift away. It is true that 110mb has the most loyal community on the web, we have not always recognized this fact and have let you down unintentionally.

The challenges that have arisen throughout the years and hardware issues put us in a position where it at times have seemed like an insurmountable task to make things better. Despite all of these challenges while hundreds of other free web hosts have closed around us, we have fought hard to survive (even though we have been in “critical condition”).

Over the past few months we have been brain-storming a way to "hit the reset button". A solution that would allow us to provide our users with high quality hosting once again: reliable servers, minimize the amount of spam, and most importantly still provide all of this for FREE!

Although there are no "ideal" scenarios here, after listening to the feedback of several legacy users we have came up with a plan that will achieve all of the goals listed above. Major changes are in store for the upcoming months and we will publicly keep users posted with changes and new right here!

During this process we will work to make things as painless as possible for you; however, please be patient and work with us when needed.

It is time to prepare for 110mb.com version 2.0!

We are grateful for your patience and have been humbled by the challenges that this project has brought. We have listened to you and your feedback and are working hard to make things better for our users!

- Management


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