Forget phpMyAdmin! It's old news, because now you can...

Upload one file to your account -- and you're ready to export, import or manage your database with ease!

Now contains exact duplicate features as phpMyAdmin... meaning this is probably the only MySQL management solution you'll ever need...




Step 1:
Click here to download 110DBManager v3.7 (see changelog).

(NOTE: phpMyAdmin is banned on 110mb. It's CPU resource intensive. Use 110DBManager.)

Step 2:
Unextract it and upload 110dbmanager.php file to your account. If uploading via FTP, you must do it in Binary Mode, else you'll get an error. Every FTP software gives you an option to do this.

Step 3:
Go to: (OR)

Step 4:
Click on "Settings".

Step 5:
Enter your database username, name, and the password. You'll find the settings in your control panel --> "Create/delete MySQL database" section.


Preview picture & example of logging into your DB via 110DBManager:

Step 6:
Click Apply and on next screen you'll see your database and can perform any activity with it you desire.

Preview pic of 110DBManager main interface:


Question: I get an error message "Fatal error: Unable to read XXXXXX bytes in..."!
Solution: Reupload the file via FTP in Binary Mode. You'll see an option somewhere in your FTP software called "Transfer Mode - ASCII/Binary". Choose "Binary".

Still need more help? Refer to the forum.

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